Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

 The four day weekend was amazing! It was a much needed break from reality.
After our San Diego trip on Friday, Ty spent Saturday on a 100 mile motorcycle ride with friends from our ward. He had a great time!

On Sunday we attended stake conference. It was in the Redlands building right next to the temple!
 We got there early so that we could take the kids around the temple grounds and enjoy a little time together there.

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Forest Falls for a hike and dinner at my parent's house.
 I fell and almost killed myself twice. Everyone else was fine.
 I am glad my family enjoys the outdoors. It just doesn't seem to agree with me! I did enjoy the beautiful surroundings and cool mountain air in spite of my calamities.

 After dinner we had hot chocolate and watched episodes of "Mr. Bean."
We always end up watching Mr. bean at my parent's cabin and it is always hilarious.
 Max and Zack stayed the night with my parents. Ty and I took Zoey and Mia home.

On Monday I took the girls out for a little girl time. We picked up some donuts and did a little shopping. At home we made brownies and caramel apples to pass out to friends for Family Home Evening. I was making brownies. I had Mia and Zoey set up to unwrap peanut butter cups to go in the brownies....I looked up and they were just happily sitting there eating all the candy. Not the best helpers in the world, but they were very cute and happy!
We took the treats around to friends last night. It got me excited for Christmas candy and cookie making.

It was sad to hear my alarm go off this morning knowing that I couldn't turn it off and go back to bed!
Back to reality.
Until the weekend :)

Have a very happy week!


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