Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Night

 I had a super fun evening planned last night. It started out a little rough, because Ty ended up getting home later than we had planned!
We started without him :(
 The kids and I made home made pizza for dinner. Everyone got a ball of dough and I showed them how to squish it into a flat circle.
They piled on sauce, cheese, and toppings.
 The pizza was delicious and everyone ate! Super successful :)
Ty made it home for the second part of our evening....(Thank goodness, because I am not a pumpkin carver!)
 Ty did all of the carving and I did all of the gutting/pumpkin seed prep and roasting.
 We ended the night watching the Halloween Curious George special and drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream.
 Zackary guzzled his first cup and then asked for a second cup. He guzzled that one too.
It was such a fun night!


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