Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The First Day

1. It's the first day of school for Max and Mia. The morning was a bit more chaotic than I would have liked. In fact....I have decided to save the first day of school picture taking for tomorrow when everyone and everything has calmed down just a bit. Zackary still wanted me to take a picture of him though. He starts school on Tuesday. We have a few days left to work on getting him up, dressed, and fed by 7:45.

2. It is suddenly very hot and very humid. I am so thankful for air conditioning and anti-frizz cream :)

3. In celebration of the first day of school (and the sudden heat wave) I am going to do a little baking! There needs to be some form of milk and cookies for the little students after their big day.


or both!

4. After our crazy morning Zackary told me how glad he was to be home! I turned on PBS kids and gave us all a little time to recover.

5. I hope Max and Mia have a wonderful day! I hope tomorrow is easier! I am excited to sleep in on Saturday :)


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