Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Class Lists and Dirt Pies

We were very last minute this year. We waited until today (the day before!) to check the class lists at the school. Mia is going to have the same teacher Max had for first grade. We were a little bit concerned about Max this year because his best friend moved over the summer, so I was thrilled to see that a few of his other good friends are going to be in his same class. I think it is going to be a great school year!

After checking the lists we came home for one last summer sugar fest. Might as well get everyone all hopped up on goofballs before sending them back to the classroom.
We made mini mud pies!
 I threw together some chocolate pudding, crushed oreo cookies into crumbs, set out some gummi worms and let the kids go to work.
 They were pleased with the results.
I hope they have lots of good things to say when everyone asks what they did this summer!
 While we were at the store picking up our Oreo cookies I came across this yogurt:
It fits so nicely into my current coconut obsessed state :)

A thought for the day/new school year....
Love this!

Have a great day!


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