Monday, August 12, 2013

The End

School starts in just 2 days. It is hard to believe that the end of summer vacation has arrived.

I really don't know where the summer months went. We tried to squeeze in as much pool time as we could last week. I think the kids were in the pool 5 days in a row! 
I have loved being lazy about bedtimes and baths. At least I have one more night to enjoy before bedtime routines come back tomorrow.
I know Max and Mia are ready to get back to school and a schedule. They are both excited to see all of their friends. Max will be starting 3rd grade and Mia will be starting 1st. They will both be in school for the full day.
Zackary is getting a little nervous about school, but I am hoping he loves it! He will be in preschool just 2 days a week.

Ty gave everyone blessings for the school year last night. Such a great tradition and start to the new school year.

I don't know what Zoey will think of everyone heading off to school and leaving her behind. I am looking forward to having a few hours of quiet time with the little miss. I hope she enjoys it too!


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