Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Things

1. Today is Max's 8th birthday!
We celebrated all weekend and then celebrated some more this morning before school. He got to have birthday cake and a big glass of milk for breakfast.

2. A friend and I have decided to carpool this school year. We are taking turns driving one week and then having one week off. This week is my week is going to be a fabulous year!
(Carpools are awesome.)

3. I love PB and J.
I made these today.....
For the kid's lunches.....and for myself.
4. School starts tomorrow for Zackary!!!!
I can't believe it.
I hope he loves it!

I love this!
There is power in the little things. I think about it when I read stories to the kids, or play play-doh with them, or when I tuck them in at night.
Little things are a big deal!

6. I am grateful for another week full of wonderful people and new opportunities!
Time to get busy!


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