Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Call and Cookies

Ty is working today. I got everyone ready for church on my own. I decided since Ty would not be there to help, the I-pad would be :)
I packed a few snacks and we were on our way! (This year our church meetings start at 9 and we are thrilled!)
Last week the kids were sick so today was the first Sunday they were all in their new classes. Zackary was not happy about being in Sunbeams. He sat with me for the entire first hour. He did eventually go with his class for lesson time and his teacher said he did well. Mia seemed to enjoy her class. She is not picky as long as she has her friends! Max is turning 8 this year and his class had a special Baptism Prep lesson today. I am already planning on August 24th as a tentative baptism date for Max this year!
After church we came home and everyone was starving! I think I am going to have to do crock pot meals on Sundays because everyone was ready to eat a cow and I had nothing prepared. Mia wanted a corn dog, Max wanted a quesadilla, Zackary wanted a Nutella sandwich, and Zoey wanted a nap!
I am glad that their needs are still so simple and easy to meet. Everyone got what they wanted and everyone was happy.
I had been craving peanut butter cookies all day and I needed to make THESE:

They were awesome. I ate two. 

When Zoey woke up from her nap she had some milk and then wanted oreos.
She still had her church clothes on and I didn't want her to cover them in oreo so this happened:
It is totally normal to eat oreos without any clothes on before you turn 2. Ask any mother.
Now Zoey is in the bath and the older kids are watching Tom and Jerry. We are hoping Ty can make it home for dinner later tonight. The weekends go by far too quickly! This week will be a busy one :)

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm SO glad I checked your blog this morning! what better way to warm up this FREEZING house than to make those awesome-looking super easy cookies thanks! :) I hope you're all doing well! -is it weird if people over two still eat oreos 'sans' clothing? ;)