Monday, January 28, 2013

A Monday List

1. Ty spent Saturday enjoying a game of paintball. He left before 8 am and returned around 4 in the afternoon. He said it was the Disneyland of paintball. I am glad he had fun :)

2. The kids and I made home made peanut butter cups.
 I used a tiny cookie cutter to cut out the peanut butter hearts.
We melted dark chocolate to use as the coating. They are really good!

3. We are about to purchase a 1/4 cow to stock our freezer with. We have done this for the past few years. I do feel like the beef tastes better than store bought, but I am really unclear about the actual health benefits of eating organic farm raised beef over store bought. Does anyone know???

4. I have been watching the Once Upon A Time series on netflix 
I love it :)

5. I made a doctor's appointment for myself this morning. The first non OBGYN appointment I have made in about 10 years. They gave me the first appointment they May!
They wanted to know what days would work best for me and I laughed. If the appointment is that far out I am sure I can work my schedule around whatever they have!

Happy Monday!


  1. FYI:

    p.s. Next year we want to buy some of the cow if we can :)

    p.p.s. Once upon a time is awesome! I can't for you to catch up so we can talk about it!