Saturday, January 5, 2013

We say goodbye to Christmas Break!

The kids go back to school on Monday. Christmas vacation went by too quickly! I loved the holiday fun and the lazy mornings. I always worry after a break like this one that it will be difficult to get back into our routine, but it usually works out alright. Soon the carpools, lessons, and speech sessions will begin again. I know the kids will be glad to see their friends again. Mia has been asking for the last few days when she gets to go back to school, so I know she is ready!

I had a lot on my list for today, but I have already crossed much of the have-to's off! I wanted to clean a few of the bathrooms, mostly the boy's bathroom. I think little boys would do better in outhouses......
I also wanted to get music planned for tomorrow. It is the first Sunday of 2013! New year, new songs, and new Sunbeams!
Now I am off to meet my mom for some shopping and the baby shower for one of the girls I grew up with!

I hope Ty can handle the kids while I'm gone.

Happy Saturday!


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