Saturday, January 19, 2013

Birthday Cake

 Last night we had a little birthday celebration for Ty. I made bacon jalapeno dip, bacon cheddar bread, shrimp scampi, and this chocolate snickers bar cake.
( I found the recipe HERE)
It is slightly caloric.
Ty is the nicest dad and is always willing to share what's his :)
 Sharing will also make this cake less caloric.
(notice Ty's shirt! He totally matched his dinner!)
It was a happy night!


  1. That cake looks AMAZING! Can you make some for me next year ;) sounds like a fantastic bday!

  2. I was just looking at Ty's shirt thinking, "how funny, he matches her dinner" and then I saw your comment. Ha. That cake DOES look amazing... I might have to try that some time. Snickers is Jeremy's favorite candy. (which is saying a lot since he doesn't like sweets)