Saturday, January 12, 2013


 Ty is on call today. He started off at home with us and then got called in to work. Zackary had him read a quick story first.
 I got everyone dressed and ready so we could drive out to Redlands for a Target trip. I try not to do Target alone with all four kids and I try to not do Target on the weekends so I was a little nervous. I was supposed to return some socks that Ty didn't like and exchange them for socks he would like. I returned the socks and then we bought some pants for Max, a shirt for Zackary, tights and legwarmers for Mia, leggings for Zoey, a sweater for me, and Bananagrams! Forgot the socks....oh well!
 At home we pulled out the Bananagrams and had a little word fun. I helped Zackary spell out his name and a few little words.
 Mia and Max worked on their own.
 This is what Max came up with. (I know these are just scrabble letters, but why buy scrabble when you can buy a banana?)

In other news....the granola bars turned out really good!
They were a little crunchier than I thought they would be and next time I may bake them for a bit shorter, but overall a success.
Zackary thought so too!
Have an awesome Saturday!


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