Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Brownies have been popular for years.
Both the infamous BAKED brownie and the classic FAT WITCH brownie have made appearances on Oprah's "O" list.
 I have seen countless variations of the classic chocolate brownie; brownies with frosting, brownies with chocolate chips, brownies with peanut butter swirls, brownies with a layer of caramel, brownies with mint, brownies full of nuts, and brownies with a cheesecake topping.
I have made a lot of brownies.
There have been successes and failures.

According to THIS article on food trends for 2013 Blondies are the new Brownies.

Brownies are out Blondies are in.
Okay....I guess it's time to move on.

Today I am making these:

 Of course I am adding a large amount of chopped dark chocolate to the batter.
Baby steps.

I am not giving up on brownies, but I am willing to give blondies a try.

What do you think of food trends?
Would you try something new in your kitchen just because someone said it was the in thing?


  1. how can you go wrong with brown sugar and hazelnuts??
    -however, I think you're making a giant improvement on this recipe by adding the chocolate! ;) in my totally un-professional opinion! I love trying new things! But I wouldn't stalk my pantry for trends sake :) if so I guess my beloved PB would be right out :(