Thursday, January 3, 2013

Movie Matinee

 Ty left this morning for San Diego. His youngest brother is graduating from the Marine Corps and Ty will be joining his parents for all of the festivities over the next two days. The kids and I are holding down the fort at home. We decided pretty quickly that we needed to have a movie matinee with snacks and drinks.
 I used all of my jars and filled them with popcorn, red vines, oreos, swedish fish, and chex mix. I even bought the tiny cans of root beer as a special treat. (We never buy soda so of course the kids LOVE it)
We set up a concession stand and divided up some monopoly money for the kids to use to purchase snacks.
 Max was pretty excited about the rootbeer.
He took over the concession stand for me. He started charging hundreds of dollars for everything. Good thing it was just play money!
 Zackary is a swedish fish man. Just like his dad :)
and the movie of choice: ParaNorman


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