Friday, January 11, 2013


Yay Friday!
Let's hear it for 3 days with no homework!

I love weekends :) 

Ty will be working until late tonight and he is on call all weekend so the kids and I are going to have lots of extra fun for him. I am sure he will appreciate the effort!
Mia has something fun waiting for her when she gets home. The newest Sofia the First episode recorded while she was at school and she has been waiting to see it since the first one came out in November! I am sure we will be watching it all weekend.
I wanted Max to have something to look forward to when he got home as well, so I picked up the new Ice Age movie while I was out this morning. I have some caramel corn for him too. It will be his own little one man party. 

In other news...I want to make granola bars. I make granola all the time, but I have never made granola bars. 
I am going to try THIS recipe from PW:
and then I am going to dip the bottom half of the bars into chocolate. (That wasn't even my idea! Check out the original POST!)

I have high hopes.

After movies and granola I am thinking we should get a little crafty. Valentine's Day is only a month away! Painting salt dough hearts all evening sounds grand!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I love weekends! -although Law does get homework on the weekends :P
    what kind of kindergarten teacher does that to a person!?! I hope your weekend is FANTASTIC good luck with the granola bars I'm sure they'll be delish!

  2. As I am reading this post we are watching the new Sofia the first episode...again :) Good thing it's cute :) Enjoy your weekend. I miss you!