Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Weekender

We have had a pretty amazing weekend.

On Friday afternoon, my parents took the three older kids for a sleepover in the mountains. Ty and I were left at home with just Zoey to look after us. We spent the evening wrapping Christmas presents and watching movies.
On Saturday, with the kids still away, we watched Food Network Live Thanksgiving Edition. It was very fun and got us all excited and ready for Thanksgiving this week.
When Max, Mia, and Zack came home I had the boys help me make pigs in blankets using homemade roll dough. Zackary loved them and kept asking for blankets with pigs!
Sunday has been crazy as usual. Sometimes it is hard to have Ty gone on Sunday mornings. I feel like I always forget something! It was hectic, but I was able to get everything and everyone to church on time.
I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon baking. You can never have too many cookies in your freezer around the holidays!
I am looking forward to the week. Tomorrow the kids and I are going to restock our craft supplies. They have been running seriously low and now all we have is paper.
They love to create and I think a week off from school calls for all sorts of projects!

Have a great week :)


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