Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Christmas Eve was a party!
The evening was very full. My whole family came over for food and lots of games.
The kids got new pajamas and Despicable Me 2.
We tried very hard to get everyone into bed quickly, because we were exhausted and still had plenty to do.
 Luckily we had my brothers to help put everything together.
I don't know what we will do if it is ever just Ty and I alone to do all of the work on Christmas Eve!
 This morning was pretty calm at first. The kids weren't up unusually early and I was all ready when they did wake up.
There was much rejoicing over happy gifts.
The kids were pleased. Ty did really well this year. I am very happy too!
After presents I made hot chocolate to drink with chocottone (aka...panettone made with chocolate chunks in place of dried fruit. Ty ate it at Christmas time while serving his mission in Peru.)
Next we loaded into the car for a quick drive into the mountains for lunch at my parent's house.
 Mia was sporting her new pink headphones. She was listening to music from the "Frozen" soundtrack.
I just love it.

We have enjoyed a really wonderful Christmas.


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