Thursday, November 28, 2013

Birthday/Thanksgiving Day

 It was a very busy and most delightful holiday!
The morning began with a Birthday Brunch party for Zoey.
 We had apple coffee cake topped with caramel frosting.
Zoey opened packages and blew out both of her candles at once!

 I attempted to take a perfect picture of all 4 kids.....
 I tried again.....
 and again.....
 Oh well!

 Ty took the older kids to see "Frozen", and while he was gone Zoey and I did this....
 and then this....
I just couldn't resist!
 Everyone came home and my parents arrived for dinner.
The pies were my favorite part.
Butter was the reason.
I am now completely exhausted but happy!
It was a wonderful day and now I am ready for a good night's sleep :)


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