Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Season Temple Trip

 We took the kids to the Redlands temple for a little visit.
It is a beautiful temple!
 We came to see the nativity and talk about Christmas.
 It was cold.
We asked the kids who these people were.
 We talked about Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. 
I love sharing these special moments with my children. 
Then we explored the grounds....
 I love how it looks like Mia and Zack are about to jump into the fountain.
They would never do a thing like that.
 The flower gardens still had blooms even despite it being December and very cold. (Not Salt Lake cold, but cold enough for us!)
 After our temple trip we did a little Christmas shopping and went out for a fun dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Max and Mia love orange chicken, Zackary loves egg rolls, and all 4 kids enjoy chow mein :)
It was a great night!
Christmas time is so fun!


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