Monday, December 30, 2013


Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. This year has gone by so quickly.
2013 in a nutshell
Zoey: turned 2
learned to dance
learned to sing
discovered chocolate chip cookies
loves Curious George and Team Umizoomi
Zackary: turned 4
finished one year of speech therapy
enjoyed his first year of primary as a sunbeam
started preschool
loves nutella
played minecraft for days
loves minions
Mia: turned 6
graduated from kindergarten and started 1st grade
loves stuffed animals and my little pony
eats too much candy
likes to wear her hair in a crown braid
loves art class
Max: turned 8
got baptized
loves scouts
started 3rd grade
read every Diary of a Whimpy Kid book
loves movie night
got his yellow belt in karate
Jessica: turned 30
went gluten-free
celebrated 10 years of marriage
enjoys strength training
loves Netflix
redecorated the bedroom
learned to make the very best pie crust
Ty: timeless/ageless
climbed a mountain
worked hard at everything, everyday
loves bacon
tested countless recipes
played hours of minecraft.....just to entertain the kids of course
It was a great year. I guess I am ready for another one!


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