Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

It seems we have encountered a series of unfortunate events at our house.

1. Thursday....I had a migraine. I was thrown very behind schedule on everything.

2. Friday....My brother, who has been staying with us for the Christmas holiday, came down with the flu. Ty's brother in Utah apparently had the same thing.

3. We discussed possibly delaying/cancelling our trip to Utah.

4. Saturday.....we decided to go ahead and go to Utah. What the heck.

5. As we loaded into the car Zackary threw up for the first time.

6. We talked about not going to Utah.

7. We decided to try to go to Utah again. Surely it was a fluke.

8. We made it to Calimesa and Zack threw up again.

9. I looked at Ty and he turned the car around.

10. We are home now and I am making us some cinnamon swirl bread, which is not so unfortunate.

Utah is too cold anyway.


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