Wednesday, December 3, 2014


1. Day 3 of December and so far we are having a wonderful month! We started our 25 days of Christ on Sunday so that we could finish before Christmas. I love the little extra spirit it has brought into our home each day!

2. Zackary brought home a chocolate filled advent calendar from school yesterday. The kids were quick to catch up to the current day and they are really excited to open another door tomorrow!

3. Biscotti has been an unexpectedly huge hit at our house. I made a batch over the weekend. I think the idea of a cookie stick is one that the kids really enjoy.
Biscotti moment!! :)

4. I have been loving Gilmore Girls all over again since it came to Netflix in October. Such a happy show!

5. I need to tell the world about the wonderful combination that is Amazon Prime and the gift guides found on Pinterest.
My Christmas shopping was a breeze! It is all done and I feel great about what I got for the kids!
Highly recommend!

6. Speaking of Christmas gifts....The shopping was a breeze, but now I have a guest room filled with presents that need to be wrapped.
Ty and I like to have wrapping parties this time of year. We put the kids to bed and drink hot chocolate and try to get things wrapped.
We have been so busy...Ty has not been home....since last week, so maybe tomorrow night!

Happy Wednesday! Just 2 more days until Friday!


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