Saturday, December 6, 2014


1. Oh weekend. We are so happy you are here!
I woke up and ran a 10K.
It was wonderful.
Then I sat myself down with a mug of hot chocolate and lost all motivation to do anything else.

2. Our family pictures are done!
Here is a little snippet for you:

I think they turned out great!

3. Max watched all 7 Harry Potter movies over the Thanksgiving break and now he is completely hooked.
He finished the first two books and he is working on the third!

4. I am working on my menu for Christmas Eve / Christmas Morning. THESE Cinnamon Rolls look amazing!
(FYI: we are just 19 days away from Christmas! This month comes and goes SO quickly!)

5.  I am excited to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional tomorrow night. I am trying to keep our Christmas Christ centered and watching this devotional always helps remind me what Christmas is really about!

Have a great weekend!


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