Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Gingey Project....and more

 Mia has been working on a special assignment for school. It is the Flat Gingey Project, inspired by Flat Stanley.
 Flat Gingey has been tagging along with us during our everyday fun. She is in the car, helping us make Christmas cookies.....
 decorating the tree....
 and sampling fudge.
 We have been taking lots of pictures of Mia with Gingey and she will be putting them all together along with her own story about Flat Gingey's adventures.
 Mia is such a cute girl!

Now onto something completely different: Max!
 Max was just moved into advanced band at school. This means one more trip to and from the school during the week for me, but I am happy he is enjoying music so much!


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