Sunday, December 28, 2014


1. So 2014.....I seem to remember the year starting out super busy for Ty at work. He told me things should calm down soon, because they would be hiring some extra help at work. We are ending the year with Ty being super busy at work. He keeps saying things will slow down as soon as they hire some people.....
I know I shouldn't complain! I am so thankful that Ty has such a stable job that he enjoys. I am so thankful that I can be home with my sick kids (who are all still sick btw....), and not worry about missing work myself.
We are blessed, but the days and weeks are sometimes long.
Ty worked 24 hours from Friday to Saturday morning and then went back in for an all-nighter last night. He will be headed back in the morning and working every day until next Tuesday.

2. I am looking forward to 2015.
I have some resolution ideas. Nothing I will write down and share I think, but I always love a new beginning.
I am also excited for New Year's Eve. I want to have a little party with the kids. Nothing outrageous, but just enough so that they can remember the fun!

3. Seeing as Ty worked all night and I am still staying home with sick children, we won't be going out today. My big plans involve some brown bananas that have been sitting on the counter.
I will be baking up a batch of delicious looking banana bread! I haven't tried this recipe before, but it looks so yummy!

4. Christmas Present Review:
Max's favorite: The MIP Robot....He has been playing with it non-stop and has already gone through one set of batteries. He is also enjoying his new rollerblades quite a bit.

Mia's favorite: Mia got a My Generation Horse Stable and horse. I was super impressed with the quality and Mia loves it!

Zack's favorite: We got Zack a minion operation game and it has been a huge hit! Everyone loves the plasma car he got too!

Zoey's favorite: Zoey has been too sick to do much, but she has been cuddling non-stop with the kitten baby doll she got for Christmas. 

4. I guess it's time to start looking ahead! We have Ty's birthday coming up in January and Valentine's Day in February.
There is always something to look forward to!
I love THIS idea for teacher gifts!

5. Hopefully we can get everyone back to good health soon. We know it will just  take time. Time is precious!

Have a great week!


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