Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Stuff

1. I watched THIS video twice yesterday!
Christmas spirit guaranteed to follow!

2. Thanks to all the rain we received everything is starting to look green again. The mountains even got some snow! Rain is a good thing!
(see song reference HERE)

3. Poor Max woke up with a bad cold. I made him some hot cider. He will be spending the weekend wrapped in blankets and reading Harry Potter.

4. I recently read a post on a popular blog that detailed the things that every girl needs to be happy and healthy.
I used her list and came up with my own answers to fill each need. 

A go to drink - chocolate :)

 A go to Karaoke Song - "Ho-Hey" by the Lumineers ( I really don't sing much karaoke, but I do an awesome version of this song in my kitchen!)

A Uniform - yoga pants, warm socks, sweaters.....I think this is a totally acceptable uniform.... (very comfortable too!)

A good hairstylist - Me, myself, and I.
( I haven't been to a hairstylist in years and I am okay with that )

 An Exercise Routine - I run.
Running is my therapy!

A Hobby - This was a tough one....I run (can my exercise routine be a hobby too?), I bake/cook (mostly to feed my family, but for fun too), I read...(fitness magazines count right?), Pinterest.....pinning all the things every day!

A Best Friend - EASY....Ty
(he really is!)

A Healthy Sense of Self - I am a daughter of God
(That's good enough for me)

5. I bought really cute little gingerbread house jars to fill with hot chocolate mix and pass out as teacher gifts. That is what I will be working on today!

Have a great weekend!


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