Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 We had to change our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans just a little, because all of the kids ended up getting sick!
We tried to make merry while spending the days on the couch watching movies.
I made armies of gingerbread men.
 We finished the 25 days of Christ countdown. I loved it!

 For Christmas Eve I made lots of appetizers and desserts.
 My brothers were here!
So were my parents. We played lots of silly games and had a great time.
 This morning there were lots of gifts.....
 The men....My dad, My youngest brother Jamison (he is 6 foot 6 inches tall), My younger brother Joel (he looks super happy), My Ty :) ( he looks very short!)
 My mom....pretending she is not totally photogenic.
 Little Miss Zoey. Riding along on a new Christmas toy.
 I love tile floors :)
 Max got his robot.
 Ty really spoiled me this year.
A couple of my favorite gifts were this cookbook from Baked.....
 and this Kate Spade mug that I have wanted forever!
After all the presents everyone was starving. I made waffles and a chile relleno casserole.
I finally finished cleaning and now everyone is going back to bed!

Merry Christmas!


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