Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life Lately

 I found these little gingerbread jars at Ross and I had to buy them! I made a big batch of hot chocolate mix and filled up all three jars. (We tested out the mix on Sunday and it was delish!)
The kids took the jars to school as teacher gifts. I thought it was adorable.
 I got a happy little phone call from Max yesterday. He was calling from school at about 1:45 to tell me that he was performing with the honor band at 2:00!
I grabbed Zoey and we drove as fast as we could to the school.
 We made it just in time and I loved every minute of the performance. Max did great!

 We had our Bishopric caroling FHE last night. I loved all of the singing....probably more than anyone else did.
After caroling everyone came back to our house for cookies and cocoa.
No one left until 9:30! I was tired!

I am trying to stay on top of my to-do list!
9 days until Christmas :)


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