Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Super Zoey

 Zoey and I were at Ross yesterday shopping for sheets for our guest bed. I didn't find anything I liked so we were getting ready to leave when Zoey spotted this gem of a set.
 A pink super hero cape and mask.
She had to have it. I told her if I bought it for her it was going to be her Halloween costume. She agreed. She has decided that she is Barbie, Princess Power. (if you do not have 3 year old girls and do not watch the barbie movies you may not know what that means!)
 She keeps asking me if there is anything she can do to help me, because she is a super hero!
She is adorable :)
Onto school today!
We did a little math:
 This was a new activity and it went over really well! It gave Zoey a chance to work on her cutting and pasting skills as well.
We reviewed letter "G", and read a few more stories.
 Then we went to the grocery store!
Yesterday we played grocery store at home and today we took a list with lots of pictures so that Zoey could find everything. We didn't need to buy everything on the list but we made sure to find everything!


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