Thursday, October 1, 2015

G is for Goldfish, and good things

We are catching up with school today after a brief hiatus yesterday.
We are still working on the letter, "G". Today is was all about G is for Goldfish!
 We read a few books.
I made a little graphing table that we used to graph goldfish crackers by color.
 I gave Zoey a little dish of fish crackers and she put them where they needed to be.
 We used the graph to count, sort, and talk about more/less, most/fewest.
 We used the goldfish crackers again to act out this little poem, Five Little Fish. Zoey liked playing the part of the shark and she really likes goldfish crackers so at one point we did this poem using 12 goldfish to start!
 Next there was a little line tracing using a goldfish pattern.
 A little letter/handwriting review.
Finally, we are ending the school day with a viewing of Finding Nemo. Nemo is not really a goldfish, but we are okay with that!
Image result for finding nemo 
I am really enjoying preschool with Zoey! 
Zackary will be switching from part time to full day kindergarten in just two weeks! Today is picture day for the big kids at school. It is finally October! Lots of good things going on this month. I think we are very ready for our first batch of caramel!


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