Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Letter D

 Today was "D" Day at our house :)
We kicked off the week with D is for donut. We read, If You Give A Dog A Donut, and then used mini chocolate donuts to outline uppercase and lowercase letters.
 Zoey stacked the donuts as high as she could. we tried to count them before the tower fell, but we didn't make it!

 Then Zoey ate a few donuts. She was kind enough to share with her siblings.

 We did a little handwriting practice.
 Next was play-doh!
We used play-doh to make our own donuts and letters.
 Then I let Zoey and Zack play freestyle for quite a while.
 We had a letter hunt. Zoey used a dot marker to mark all of the D letters that were on the page.
 Later in the day we moved onto D is for Duck.
 We read 10 Little Rubber Ducks and then colored and cut out our own set of 10 rubber ducks so that we could act out our own version of the story.

We are saving the ducks for more fun tomorrow!


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