Friday, September 18, 2015

End of the week

 We are so excited for the weekend! Zoey was doing some end of the week worksheets this morning. There was a letter "E" maze and a letter "E" hide and seek.
 There was number identification and counting bears.
 She worked on her numbers 1-10. We are getting there!
 Next it was snack time. E is for eat after all!
Zackary joined us for cheetos. I let them have cheetos, because it's Friday!
 Zoey's monkey, Bo, had some too.
 Then it was time for play-doh, because sensory and fun is important too.
 Zoey always makes cakes and cookies with her play-doh and wants me to pretend to eat them :)
 After we dropped Zack off at school we stopped by the library for new books and movies. At home we watched Goodnight Gorilla.
The kids are expecting a fresh loaf of pumpkin bread when they get home from school. Someone may have promised it to them! Time to get baking.


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