Monday, September 21, 2015

Zack, Max, and Zoey

 This was Zack's homework from last week! He brought home a worksheet about his family and filled it out himself. I love his responses! Things about his family: Movie Night, Monopoly, and Family Night. All good things!
 Max has been mowing the lawn. We came outside to play on Friday night and he started edging. We are lucky to have him!
 On Saturday Max took first place at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby!
He and Ty were thrilled.
 Today Zoey and I started another week of preschool. This week we are focusing on the letter F. Today and tomorrow are dedicated to F is for Farm!
 We read a lot of books about farms/farm animals.

 Zoey is doing really great with her letters. She made these "F"'s out of play-doh all by herself.
 I took a picture of her making a silly face....I think she looks about 16 in this picture.
She really is just my sweet little 3 year old!
 After school we swung by the store and I couldn't resist these seasonal Larabars! I love Larabars and holiday flavors are just so fun!


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