Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Free Breakfast and Schoolwork

The kids and I went to Mcdonalds first thing this morning. They were offering free breakfast for kids to celebrate the new school year. My kids love Mcdonalds breakfast so we took advantage!
 I was also thrilled to have a break from the breakfast making game at home. No mess, no clean up.
 Everyone was happy....and slightly weird, but we left with full bellies!
 After breakfast we dropped Max and Mia off at school and came home. It was time for a little Zoey time!
 We focused on number recognition and counting.
 Zoey is great at counting, but the number recognition is hard!
 We revisited our letter of the week and practiced Zoey's name before moving on to story time. We just read all of the books we picked up from the library yesterday!
Now we are getting ready to take Zack to school! He moves on to full day kindergarten next month and I am looking forward to one less drop off every day!


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