Monday, September 28, 2015

G is for Grocery Store

 This week we are working on the letter G.
We started by getting to know the letter G. What it looks like and what sounds it makes.
 Zoey did some handwriting practice and some letter recognition.
 We read some grocery store related stories....It was hard to find books based on the grocery store, but we did find a few. Mostly about children behaving badly in the cart. Interesting....that must happen often :)
After that we had to run Zoey to speech therapy, but when we got home we were ready to go again. We used Zoey's little shopping cart and an old wallet of mine to create a little grocery shopping experience in the kitchen.
 During her first round of shopping, Zoey selected only chocolate milk. She said it was all that she needed!
 The next time she bought popcorn and bread. Perfect accompaniments to the chocolate milk!
After that we did a little math. 
Now we are getting ready to run some errands before picking Zack up from school. The days go by so quickly!


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