Monday, September 14, 2015

The Letter E

 Today we introduced the Letter E!
We were kind of using E is for Eyes as a I picked up this book. I thought we could use our eyes to spy everything!
 It is similar to the I spy books, but I thought it was really hard! Zoey loves hidden pictures and I spy so she sat there and searched for, and found, everything!
Next we took a Sesame Street break.
 Then we went to the library. We came home with more I Spy books, 2 Where's Waldo books, and a few more for reading.
 We used a magazine for an "E" hunt. We cut out the letters, counted them, and Zoey glued them onto a paper.
She was very pleased with her artwork.
Zoey had speech today as well. It has been a busy school day for us and we didn't get to everything we had planned. More fun tomorrow!


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