Monday, March 31, 2014

Not Quite April

1. Zackary will be starting transitional kindergarten in the fall. This means that I have been busy for months collecting the required paperwork and visiting the doctor's office for physicals etc......I was told back in February that I could turn in all of the forms on April 1st this year. For some reason that stuck in my mind as today! This morning I had everything ready and drove with the younger kiddos to the enrollment office. The receptionist reminded me that it was not yet April. I was one day early! I asked if she would just look over all of the paperwork and make sure I had everything for tomorrow. While looking it over she decided that she could make an exception and just take everything a day early. I was thrilled!
That's a big check off my to-do list :)

2. Saturday was the General Women's Meeting for our church. It was amazing and uplifting! I ended up watching the whole thing twice over the weekend, because my mom missed it on Saturday so I watched it again with her after Sunday dinner! I loved the thought about not only loving one another more, but loving one another better.
I love being a part of this gospel. It is wonderful beyond words. I feel so blessed to be a daughter of God, and to know how much He loves me and my own beautiful daughters of God!

3. On a completely unrelated non-gospel topic..... Butter is Back.
Take that margarine!

I think I need to make a batch of peanut butter cup just to go inside of these cookies!

5. The older kids went back to school today and Ty went back to work. We enjoyed a great week together! This morning went pretty well, except for Mia and Zoey wanting to sleep in. I totally feel their pain!
6. March has been beautiful. I am looking forward to April, Easter, and Spring!
Happy Monday :)


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