Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This and That

1. I heard this quote in our Relief Society meeting last night.

"Divine by Nature, Remarkable by choice."

 So much of what we are and what we are trying to become depends on the work we are willing to do.

2. I read a blog post this morning about "passions". People love talking about their passions and things they are just so passionate about.
I started thinking about "passion", and I had to look the word up.....

Passion- a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

I started thinking about myself. Do I have passions? What am I passionate about?
According to this definition I am passionate about the peanut butter hot chocolate I made myself this morning. I was looking forward to it with enthusiasm and excitement all through my workout!
What are your passions?

3. A Good to know thought:
Go for the Rolls!

4. I am completely into skillet cookies.
They are just so dang amazing. A big skillet filled with an ooey gooey cookie that you can eat with a spoon, possibly topped with ice cream!
I have a ridiculous amount of these skillet cookie recipes pinned onto my cookie board on pinterest right now!

5. A 30 minute treadmill workout.
I love my treadmill. Probably more than skillet cookies. 

6.Occasionally Max or Mia bring home a homework assignment that is super fun and totally worth doing. Last night Max's homework involved making homeade ice cream.
 He chose cookies and cream ice cream . He measured and poured all of the ingredients into the blender.
 He waited patiently while the ice cream maker churned his ice cream.
 Then he dug in.
 Today he will be doing math and taking a spelling test, but he can eat ice cream when he is done!

Happy Wednesday! (Half way to Friday YAY!)


  1. HAHA funny thing I read the treadmill workout and at a glance thought it said set the incline to 10!!!! I was thinking you must be some sort of machine! Then looked back and realized it said 1.0 oh what a difference one little dot can make :) I'm glad to know you're not a machine and that you are just plain amazing! -no wires or bolts included :)