Thursday, March 20, 2014


1. Zackary and Zoey love to dance. Zoey is always asking Ty to dance with her. If he can't, one of the boys stands in. 

2. We stopped for donuts on our way to speech yesterday.
Zackary switched things up by getting a sugared raised donut rather than a glazed. Zoey stuck with her favorite donut holes. Everyone was happy :)

3. The kids have minimum day schedules for the rest of the week at school. The afternoons seem much more relaxed when everyone is home before 2!

4. I love this! I need it for my kitchen. It would be especially appreciated on those nights when no one wants to eat anything.

5. Just a thought for the day!

6. In honor of Thursday/Minimum Days, etc.... I think we should all make cookies and dip them in chocolate!
Recipe: HERE

Happy Thursday!


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