Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Things

1. Zack went back to school today, and that left just Zoey and I at home together for a few hours this morning. It was so quiet!

We read stories, watched Curious George, and I did some cleaning.
I love my Zoey time!


 "Happiness is a habit, cultivate it"
I think we can easily fall into the habit of being/feeling grumpy, tired, angry, etc.....so why not happy!

3. A lovely little snippet:

Joie De Vivre
or, the exuberant enjoyment of life.

5. For homework this week Max will be making and decorating a cake to look like an animal habitat. I am thinking crushed oreos make lovely dirt!

6. Mia has joined Max in the Crazy-Loom looming craze. Our house is completely covered in tiny rubber bands.

7. Ty is working late tonight. I am already tired! Hoping I can make it to bedtime!

Happy Tuesday!


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