Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This and That

1. At some point over the weekend, I injured my foot. I can walk, running is out, and it hurts! Ty says it will take several weeks to heal! I just don't have several weeks. I am planning on one week....we will see.

2. We went to a fun multi-family FHE activity last night. One of our friends hosted and it seemed like every family in the ward was there. They had organized everything in advance and had given each family an ingredient that we were supposed to use in a dessert. We had mint. I used a box of thin mint cookies to make a crust for my french silk pie and topped it with chocolate mint whipped cream. It turned out pretty awesome! There were too many desserts last night to try, but we enjoyed all of the fun company!

3. Today is picture day at Max and Mia's school. I 100% forgot until we got there! I sat in the car and tried to make Mia's hair look descent. Oh well. There is always next year!

4. Max and Mia have decided that they love oatmeal raisin cookies. I am much more of an oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie person, but my dad happens to love oatmeal raisin cookies, so maybe it skips a generation!

5. speaking of.......
(Maybe I will make these after I make the raisin cookies. Just for some balance!)

6. Ever feel like this?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. TOO CUTE!! That dance video totally makes me smile! What a good little guy Zack is!