Sunday, March 9, 2014


1. Movies.....
We always have a movie night on Friday's to celebrate the weekend. This week I recorded Dolphin Tale.
We loved it. Even Zoey sat through the movie and enjoyed it.

The kids have been looking forward to the Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie coming to theaters.
It came out this weekend, so on Saturday, after much begging, Ty took the older kids to see it.
Everyone gave it good reviews. Ty said it was one of the better kid's movies he has seen in a while.
The kids love going to the movies. I am so glad we have a fairly affordable theater nearby.

2.  Spaces....
I adore this cute kitchen! I love the sage green walls and white cabinets. Also....the farmhouse sink. One day! (and while I'm dreaming, double ovens)

3. Food.....

must make this before it gets too warm!

4. Crafty.....
I don't even like St. Patrick's Day, but I think this idea is adorable and achievable.....even for me!

5. Getaway....
We are leaving after church to spend the afternoon in the mountains with my parents! It's always shocking to me how much cooler it can be up there. The coats are already in the car.

Happy Sunday!


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