Friday, March 14, 2014

Good Things Friday

1. Check out this adorable cakestand!!!
I would keep it on my dining room table all of the time.

2.  I think this is really important. No matter what it is you are doing!

3. Max asked me to make banana bread last night, after I had already made dinner and dessert for a little get together with my parents and one of my brothers. I told him I would make it today. So today I am making THIS brown butter banana bread for Max, because he is amazing and deserves banana bread. Also....brown butter makes everything better :)

4. I have been reading scriptures with the kids each morning before school. This was our third week making it happen! It is never easy, but really worth it! I want them to be familiar with the stories and teachings in the scriptures. I want them to feel comfortable discussing them. I sure hope they get something out of it!

Why not?

6. Thor The Dark World
Ty and I stayed up late last night to finish this one. We put the kids to bed and pulled out the reeses pieces and red vines for our own little movie night.
It was fun!

Happy Friday!


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