Thursday, January 2, 2014

We went to Utah

 We made the decision to leave for Utah on Sunday morning. We were going and nothing was going to stop us! It was a long day in the car. I was sad to leave the warm behind and enter into the frozen tundra of Utah County.
 The kids loved the snow. (Especially Mia!) The skated and sledded all over the ranch.
 Zoey enjoyed visiting the "stinky" cows.
 Her coat was so puffy!
 Mia loves all animals and immediately becomes best friends with any creature she meets. 
She really loved the cats!

I took the girls shopping for boots.
 Mia had been talking about a pair of pink cowgirl boots for a while. It just so happened that Target had just her size on clearance.
We got Zoey a cute little pair of booties as well.
 Love my girls :)

Max got a cookbook and made us chicken nuggets for dinner.
 He did a great job. I hope his enthusiasm continues and we can all reap the benefits!

It was a quick trip and we were on our way home again first thing Thursday morning.
We stopped for lunch in Vegas.
 Tennessee introduced us to Steak and Shake. We love it! We stop in Vegas whenever we can.
 There were cheeseburgers and milkshakes and much rejoicing.
 We were just glad to be out of the car.
 Too bad it took another 5 hours to get home after that! Post holiday traffic was not good to us.
We are happy to be home. 
I may never get into the car again.


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