Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Things

1. Day 2 of this week's carpool. So far so good. I think the secret to happy kids are providing snacks. Yesterday I had a box of powdered sugar donuts in the car and today I am bringing blueberries! ( I hope they go for the healthier swap out!)

2. Dinner Tonight!

3. I love THIS article.

4. I went to Trader Joe's this morning. I came home with 6 grocery bags. If you frequent Trader Joe's you know that 6 bags from that store is a lot! (They are masters when it comes to bagging groceries!)

5. I am making THIS cake for Ty's birthday on Thursday.
Birthday's are fun.

6. We have movie night with the kids every weekend, and in the past I typically brought out ridiculous amounts of candy to enjoy during the movie, but that was getting a bit old. The past few weeks in place of candy I have made just one special movie night treat. It has been a hit.
Last weekend I made a big batch of caramel corn and this weekend I made THIS. (we actually made it twice in one weekend, because it was just that popular!)

7. I am looking forward to the weekend, and spring break, and summer vacation....just saying!

8. The good weather continues. I am actually planning to take the kids swimming tomorrow afternoon. It is crazy delightful.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I just love your blog, Jessica. You have such a cute sense of humor, and I can practically smell all of the good things you are baking. I loved the homemaking article, too. Thanks for sharing!