Thursday, January 9, 2014


I just read an interesting article on Why Being Busy Isn't Respectable Anymore....
I especially liked the part near the end of the piece that talked about using the word, "busy", to answer almost any question.
Life = busy
Work = busy
Family = busy
etc, etc, etc.....

I can completely relate to this. I would love to stop being so "busy".

There is a challenge at the end of the article. For one month remove the word, "busy, from your vocabulary.

What would I replace the word busy with?
When you look up BUSY in the dictionary this is what comes up: 

occupied, being in use, full of activity, bustling, foolishly or intrusively active, meddling, full of distracting detail

Being busy suddenly sounds much less impressive. When I think of the word, "busy" at this point it almost seems unorganized and meaningless.

Then I looked up the word PRODUCTIVE and this is what i found:

doing or achieving a lot, working hard and getting good results, producing or able to produce something, causing or resulting in something, effective in bringing about, yielding results

I would love to replace the busy with productive.
I could answer that my life, work, and family were all very productive. 

I don't think we have to erase busy and replace it with idle, but there is a lot we can replace it with that will be positive, organized, and peaceful.


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