Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yesterday was a really rough day for Zackary.
He was angry and frustrated for much of the day. He didn't want to leave the house to take Max and Mia to school. He didn't want to leave to go to speech therapy. He didn't want to go pick Max up from school. He threw a massive fit while we were at the school in the process of picking up Max. You get the idea.

Ty was home today so I decided that Zack would stay home today as well. All day long. He has not even put pants on yet today. Or shoes.
He has been the happiest and most pleasant little fellow.
He played in his room for most of the day except when he came out and asked for waffles.
He has told me 9 or 10 times how much he loves me.

I think, sometimes, he just really likes to be home.

Ty goes back to work tomorrow and I hope Zack can deal with all of the running around again!


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