Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Latest

For a majority of the time I have spent in our ward here in California. I have served as the primary chorister. This has been a challenging, overwhelming, and very rewarding job.
Today I was released!
I will miss singing with the kids every week.
I have always felt the spirit through music and I have been blessed to feel it weekly as I have enjoyed singing with the children in our ward.
I am looking forward to joining Ty for sunday school next week and I am excited to find out what will be next for me.
I really enjoy serving in the church. I think it is one of the most wonderful parts of this gospel. We each have the opportunity to serve and we are given the chance to grow and learn, often in ways that we didn't think were possible.


  1. you're amazing I think they should have you be general R.S. president so you can teach everyone to find joy in life and smile and love through their tribulations -you're SO good at it!