Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Already

 It was a beautiful cool day.
We spent the morning at Ford Park in Redlands. The kids needed to run and play.
 It was lovely to be out together. 
Zoey loved the swings!
 Mia was pushing her favorite pretend friend, Mousie Mouse. Mousie Mouse makes random occasional appearances.
 Most of our park time was spent at the playground.
 We did make it over to the pond and the ducks. It was obvious that the ducks hadn't been fed for a few days. That happens when the weather gets cold and fewer people make it to the park. They were hungry and not a bit shy about it.
Zack and Zoey needed protection!
All of the excitement wore someone out....
She slept all the way to Thrifty's after the park and stayed asleep while Ty and all of the other kids went to get ice cream.

We are enjoying our week so much! With Ty home and the kids off from school the days are flying by. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already and I can't help but wonder why regular work/school weeks seem to go by so much slower.


  1. These children are so ADORABLE!!!! Love them!!!