Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Again

We are back from our little overnight trip.
It was very fun and very refreshing.
The ArcLight Theater provided a fabulous movie watching experience. The seats in the theater were huge! The caramel corn was delightful. Ty and I both loved the movie. We call it the "feel good movie of the year." Seriously....give Warm Bodies a try.
I wanted to go shopping for jeans while we were in Pasadena. I wanted a great pair of jeans that fit well and that I loved to wear. For some time now I have only wanted to wear yoga pants and this needed to change!
We went to "Lucky" and I found a fit that I loved! It also helped to buy a pair of jeans in the right size.
I am going to try and buy a few more pairs online so that I don't wear mine out too quickly!
When it comes to eating out while on vacation, Ty and I are 12.
We ended up eating caramel corn, reeses pieces, and swedish fish for dinner. We never made it to a restaurant.....I am planning on making lasagna for dinner tonight. I may even serve it with a salad and we will eat it like real adult people :)
This morning, before heading home, Ty let me stop by Whole Foods. I bought a big tub of fresh ground honey-roasted peanut butter and another big tub of almond butter. I also stocked up on coconut oil and flax seeds. I wish we had a Whole Foods closer to home, but having to travel to get to one makes it extra fun!
I loved being away and waking up to sunshine and Ty! I loved relaxing all evening and sleeping all night, but I was ready to come home to the kids. I love them and I missed them!


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