Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

1. It has been such a lovely vacation week for our family. I enjoyed every moment. 

2. I am home early from church today with Zoey. She is 3 months shy of entering nursery. We are finding ourselves at the "we go to church, but we don't really go to church because we are wandering the halls the entire time" stage.

3. One benefit to being home before the rest of the family; I will have food ready when everyone arrives. I know Ty will be starving!

4. We had family pictures taken yesterday at a beautiful park in Redlands. I don't know what it is about having pictures professionally taken that makes children misbehave and fall into the dirt. I hope we got a few good ones!

5. Since we will be having a big lunch today as our main meal I may just skip dinner and make dessert. I think everyone would be happy with some of these:


6. Chocolate makes Sundays better.

7. I will be sad to send everyone off to school and work tomorrow morning. I hope we can find special moments to enjoy even during the busy week.

Have a wonderful Sunday and good luck with your Monday :)


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